Carnival Imagination Ultimate Food Guide

If you're planning a trip to Ensenada on board Carnival Imagination, check out my "Ultimate Food Guide"! This is a chronicle of the day to day menu on board including the extras! Click now and read on! Don't forget to PIN and share!

Sights and Sounds: Monte Rio, California

Who loves a good road trip? Read about our recent trip to this quaint town in California called Monte Rio. The drive through Bohemian Highway and Highway 1 is so stunning. It's definitely a trip worth taking!

The Northwest Chocolate Festival

The Northwest Chocolate Festival is one of the biggest chocolate festivals in Northern America. And unlike many of the smaller fair-like chocolate festivals I've been to, the NW Chocolate Festival is more focused on the trendy bean-to-bar movement. I was very surprised to meet just as much chocolate professionals as enthusiasts in the crowd! There were several trends … Continue reading The Northwest Chocolate Festival

Sights and Sounds: Pacific Northwest

  Day 1 Since our 4-state road trip last year, I've been looking forward to our next great adventure! So when I found out about the Northwest Chocolate Festival, my chocolatier-self found a perfect excuse to drag my husband for another road trip! Unfortunately, with our hectic year-end schedule, we only had 4 days to … Continue reading Sights and Sounds: Pacific Northwest