Drive-in Movie Tips for First-Timers (1)

My husband and I have recently caught the drive-in movie bug, especially that we now live with a drive-in theater nearby. Here are the reasons why we love the drive-in movie as a date night activity!

If you plan on taking a drive-in movie trip in the future, here are my tips!

  1. Pick a double feature! For a price of 1, you can enjoy watching 2 movies without moving your vehicle.
  2. Arrive early to get the best spot to park your vehicle in. This gives you the room to adjust the angle of the screen to your preference. For families with kids, most drive-ins have a playground and an arcade to visit before the movie begins.
  3. Bring cash for arcade games.
  4. Clean your windshield before heading to the theater. Specks of dirt just don’t make an excellent movie experience! If you want, bring a glass cleaner just in case you need it.
  5. Watch in Spring and late Summer. Having the cool breeze makes going to the drive-in more enjoyable especially if you plan on bringing lawn chairs to sit outside.
  6. Dress in layers and comfortably. As the night progress, the weather becomes colder so I always bring a light sweater with me.
  7. Bring an insect repellent spray. We haven’t had any bug issues during out trips to the drive-in but this hugely depends on your location. Come prepared.
  8. Bring masking tape to cover any bright spots in your vehicle. We often make a bed in the back of our SUV and there’s this light on the side that doesn’t switch off when a door is open. Seeing light in your peripheral is so distracting. A masking tape comes in handy in these situations.
  9. Bring a portable radio. This is important if you plan on sitting outside your car especially in big groups. Nowadays, you listen to the audio using your car stereo and sometimes the sound might not be loud enough to reach you outside of your vehicle. There are radio apps that are available for your phones as well.
  10. Be considerate! Turn off your headlights when driving, if possible, when the movie is on. Also, make sure to ask the young ones not to disturb the neighbors. If smoking, make sure that you are cautious of your distance to your neighbor. Lastly, dispose of your garbage in the right area and clean after yourself.


I hope these tips help you prepare for your next drive-in movie experience! Have fun! Cheers!

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