With the proliferation of the superhero movies, going to the theater has been a constant date night activity for us. However, the rising cost of movie tickets makes it an expensive hobby! There are movies though that we don’t mind seeing in a less formal setting for half the price. Thus, the drive-in movies! Click here to download the checklist Drive-in Movie Packing List!

Drive-in Movie Packing List

If you haven’t yet made it to the drive-in movies, here are the 5 Reasons Why Drive-in Movies are Perfect for Date Nights!

What I like most about it is that often, the price of a double feature for 2 people is the cost of a movie ticket for 1 person at a regular theater. Also, it is less formal making it perfect for families with kids as well as an excellent romantic date night activity. Make a picnic out of it and have a great time! Print the packing list at the bottom of the page or click the link Drive-in Movie Packing List!

We’ve recently purchased a Honda Element and has since been looking forward to using it for outdoor activities like camping but for now, she’s our drive-in movie companion! All 4 seats connect to become a bed! Here’s our setup.

Movie Night inside ourHonda Element.

To make your drive-in family night/ date night comfortable, here are the 8 essentials :

  1. Blankets and pillows – the more the merrier!
  2. Snacks & drinks – we love taking a trip to the nearest Dollar Store to stock up on sweets, popcorn and drinks! A cooler filled with ice is also an excellent idea!
  3. Mosquito repellent – we didn’t have any bug problems but depending on your area, it’s better to come prepared.
  4. Lawn chairs – for extra seats. We opened our trunk and made a bed since there’s only the 2 of us. If you are taking a sedan and have more than 2 people, lawn chairs might be an excellent option. Some set up their blankets on the roof or the back of a pickup truck!
  5. Light sweater – as the night progresses, it can get colder. Dressing in comfortable light layers is best.
  6. Light dinner (or pizza) – meal prices at the dine-in theater can be expensive. We opted for McDonald’s to match the American nostalgia of the 50’s drive-in experience! Pizza is great for large groups, especially with kids.
  7. Cash for the arcade – if with your family, kids can play at the playground and the arcade before the movie begins and in-between movies for double features.
  8. Portable radio with batteries – for my husband and I, the car radio is more than enough, however, some complain of the muffled sounds while sitting outside on their lawn chairs. This will come handy especially in big groups!

Dollar Store picnic basket!

McDonald’s to match and our Dollar Store basket!
We folded all seats and covered it with a thick blanket.
View of the screen.
Here’s our setup for the night!
Dollar Store picnic basket.

Spring has sprung and to me, the drive-in theater is best experienced this time or late summer for cooler breeze at night! Read about turning drive-in movie nights into a perfect date night! Cheers!

Drive-in Movie Packing List – click to download

Drive-in Movie Packing List

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