Carnival Imagination Ultimate Food Guide

If you're planning a trip to Ensenada on board Carnival Imagination, check out my "Ultimate Food Guide"! This is a chronicle of the day to day menu on board including the extras! Click now and read on! Don't forget to PIN and share!

The Northwest Chocolate Festival

The Northwest Chocolate Festival is one of the biggest chocolate festivals in Northern America. And unlike many of the smaller fair-like chocolate festivals I've been to, the NW Chocolate Festival is more focused on the trendy bean-to-bar movement. I was very surprised to meet just as much chocolate professionals as enthusiasts in the crowd! There were several trends … Continue reading The Northwest Chocolate Festival

Of Diner and Farmer’s Market

Sacramento, once held the "City of Trees", has recently been named the "Farm to Fork Capital". And rightfully so, its conveniently nestled among many farms in the region. So what better way to spend an after-brunch meal than going to the Certified Farmer's Market. First, without any planned restaurant, my husband and I decided to … Continue reading Of Diner and Farmer’s Market